Summit of Experts

The Societal Automation conference series is organized around the Summit of Experts enacted in the form of plenary and public lectures, panels, and formal discussions – all focusing on selected topics important to the evolution of the Societal Automation area. The Summit is an integral part of the technical program of the conference and open to the conference attendees.

The upcoming Summit will be dealing with Large-Scale Ultra-Complex (Engineering) Systems (LSUCS) With emphasis on design and economic issues.

Until now that area was of interest to military, space agencies, software industry, etc. Understandably, due to the scale and complexity. However, the interest starts emerging in the civilian programs. Particularly in the area of Smart Cities/Cities of the Future. There are numerous reports of plans to design from scratch Smart Cities to be implemented in different parts of the world. A major challenge as there are no methodologies, no tools for that kind of systems available to civilian programs. Is the transfer of “knowledge” and tools from the military to the civilian sector, for instance, a viable option?

Funding of LSUCS is another interesting and open issue. Funding for technology development is typically provided by private sector. However, the LSUCS projects such as Smart Cities designed and implemented from scratch may require also involvement of the public sector. One of the reasons is the ownership of the underpinning technology and the system – the City. Is such a cooperation a viable scenario?

Some of the most renown experts from the diverse areas of system design and innovation and technology economics will delve in and ponder some of those issues in an expectation to better understand the design and economic aspects of Large-Scale Ultra-Complex (Engineering) Systems.